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Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Targeted Email Marketing – all designed to funnel your ideal customers through to conversion.


Are you ready for takeoff?



Planning corporate social media is like planning a flight. Before you taxi down the runway there’s a lot to do. Even more while in flight. A lack of planning, preparation and control can bring you down to earth fast.


Without a social/digital media plan you are guaranteed to fly off into the Bermuda Triangle. No one will ever see or hear from you again. 

InfiniTwo’s expert team of digital strategists will map out your route and save you from disappearing to some alternate plane of non-existence. Whatever your online marketing needs are, we have you covered.


In digital marketing you can only manage what you measure. Without air traffic control, how do you know what planes are in the air, taking off, landing, or where they are going? 

InfiniTwo provides the key performance indicators that prevent you from crashing online. Our suite of inbound marketing services will give you the lift you need on the web.


What’s a flight without a good book or movie, some decent fellow travellers and a good seat? Boring, that’s what. 

InfiniTwo insures you generate compelling blog and social media content through great storytelling, all the while attracting the audience you want and chatting them up on the social channels they use.

So, why come to us?

We aim to take the mystery out of SEO through clear explanations and analytics walkthroughs so that you can be sure that every dollar invested is wisely spent with clear results. We understand that no two client SEO strategies are the same and will provide you with a strategy that fits your business and customer base.

Our development team is up-to-date on the latest variants of current search engine algorithms and the 200 different criteria they use to rank results. By drilling-down through analytics data we can identify though objective metrics where the bulk of your traffic comes from and what channels are ripe for expansion. The wrong strategy can easily see an SEO campaign have negligible impact. We ensure that your online visibility increases and stays increased.


We don’t just build email campaigns. 

We build companies. Yours.

We’ll help you create, test, and flawlessly execute expert email strategies that can–and will–change everything. (And we’ll prove it.) From automation to increasing customer engagement, check out our services and email marketing campaigns below:

Triggered Email Campaigns

Their actions trigger yours.

Welcome to the closest you’ll get to reading your customer’s mind. Engage customers based on what they’ve been clicking on with creative responsive emails. Entirely automated to make it easy, and customized to make your customers say yes.

Drip Email Campaigns

Because relevancy converts.

Timing really is everything. Our “drip” campaigns deliver the right email at the right (strategic) time: exactly when your prospects are most likely to buy.

Reengagement Campaigns

Are your customers lost at sea?

Bad news: You lose 25% of your subscribers every year due to inactivity alone. Recapture the interest of this tricky audience segment, and earn back the attention of the subscribers you never meant to let go.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Your revenue’s worst nightmare.

59.8%: The shocking percentage of sales you’re losing every day when customers abandon their carts. They’re the people you found, nurtured, and almost sold. We’re not in the business of almost. Work with us to make sure they don’t check out before they checkout.

Email Promotions

Make a seductive offer.

We’ll help you find the right offer, test the alternatives, and then optimize email templates to deliver your prospects the one deal they won’t be able to resist.

Whether you require a simple WordPress portfolio website or a completely customized solution, our years of experience of building and designing websites, working for both large businesses and bold new start up ventures means we have a range of options at our finger tips and the right people on board to deliver.

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