Faith Community Church

Faith Community Church, located in Waynesville, NC has a “simple” mission… Their mission is to bring people into the presence of Jesus so that lives will be changed and empowered by the Holy Spirit to go out and share Christ with the world around them. We are on a mission to see the gospel spread locally and globally by normal people who are empowered by the Holy Spirit to live abnormal lives for His glory.

The original site was developed in Drupal 7. We worked along side church staff to create a simplified back-end interface to help users navigate the more complex Drupal back end. Ultimately it was decided that we scrap Drupal and rebuild the site from scratch in WordPress. While we still maintain and host the website, podcast and other digital media, a scaled down SquareSpace version was created for them until the project can be resurrected (see, even developers have a sense of humor).

Faith Community Church is one of our Managed WordPress Hosted accounts.

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