Our mobile-first approach allows us to create a single website that is equally at home on all platforms – desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobiles.

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Mobile Platforms

With close to 60% of consumer traffic coming from mobile and tablet devices, a mobile-friendly website is now a must for any online presence. A site that is responsive and navigable on mobile devices will result in increased favorability from Google rankings and provide your users with an extra channel to access your business from, giving you the extra edge to grow your market-share.

The importance of mobile-friendly websites is reflected in the latest versions of most web design technologies. By using a mobile-first approach, there is no longer any need to maintain a mobile site separate from your main site due to new scalable design modules. Designing, developing, and testing for mobile devices first and then progressing on to tablet and desktop devices results in a website that is equally at home on all platforms.

Why come to us?

our design team can quickly mock-up an elegant wireframe that looks every bit as good as your desktop site. 


We ensure that the web content is optimized for mobile by avoiding the technical pitfalls that can lead to throttled downloads and high bounce rates.


Having one site that dynamically changes its layout depending on the browsing device means any updates you make can be quickly deployed without fear of upsetting the layout.